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Yoni Rituals | My First Yoni Steam Experience

If there's one thing you should know about me is that I LOVE beauty rituals..even for my pum pum. I am leveling up my self love/self care to te NEXT realm. Tuning more into my body's wisdom to see where she'll guide me.

First stop, the Sacral Chakra! The Sacral Chakra,, also known as the second chakra, is locted between your pelvis and your belly button, including your reproductive organs. The sacral chakra is all about power, sex, creativity, and money. It's the MOST important chakra. Not only does it create life, but it is a divine portal through which all manifestations are birthed. It's very powerful. Big P*$$y Energy, so put some respect on her name!

The Universe has swept me away to The Yoniverse, so when Cici the Founder of Alla Herbs reached out to me to try some of her products, I knew it was meant for me to get my steam on.

So girl grab a cup of tea or coffee, it's about to get real steamy. I'll be sharing my first yoni steam experience with you all. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to share the hot & steamy details.

I had the pleasur of collborating with Alla Herbs. Alla Herbs is a Tea and Wellness company with a focus on making herbalism and holistic practices accessible and understandable for POC.

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