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Dating Woes

Lord if you hear me, please bless me with a new NEW love, better quality men, and fun experiences. IJN Amen. Cause chile I’m tired. TIRED!! I can run off a list of things that irks my nerves about dating, but let’s start with the biggest one…

Guys. Asking. Me. To. Come. To their house. Ugh, so annoying. And a major turn off. NO! You’re a stranger and I don’t do the house thing. You can stay in the house, I’m outside. Plus that’s not a real date bro. Like you can’t be serious. What do I look like getting all glammed up to chill at your house?! It would be cool if we’re been dating for a min, he’s my man. But not in the initial “trying to get to know you stage”..No. It’s just lazy. Also, it’s shows a lack of genuine interest and effort of planning a date.

Whenever a guy invites me to his home my mind immediately goes to a Netflix & Chill. So I always say that I prefer to meet in public. If the guy decides that’s not what he’s interested know like taking me on a proper date then I will stop communicating with him and move on to the next. The men that get it, get it. And the ones that don’t, don’t. It’s really that simple. This kind of thing comes with the dating game, but I’m just wondering how many frogs does a girl have to kiss to get to attract her prince?

Dating can be tough at times so share your dating woes below? I know I’m not alone.

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