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The old Yiddish proverb, “We plan, God laughs,” is exactly how I would describe my life these past two years. I still can’t believe how Covid shook things up!! I had big plans for 2020 then it got shut down along with the world. One day you’re out and about in these streets, then boom you’re on a strict lock down, stocking up on goods, and wearing a mask is part of your outfit. Crazy right?! Well, as for me life was a bit of a rollacoaster ride. Here’s a mini recap of what’s been going on..

2020: I got laid off on April 1..and no this wasn’t a sick April Fool’s joke. Was I angry or bitter? Hell no! Girl I was relieved. This was a much needed break from the 9-5 hustle and bustle. Losing a job that was my main source of income taught me to never put all of my eggs in one basket again. Rejection is redirection. And God has better plans for me so I wasn’t about to throw a pity party over a job. So I spent most of my downtime blogging on IG and working with a attorney on my business. If I could pour so much time and energy into building someone else’s dream then I owed it myself to work on mine. Then a month later I got the news one of my childhood friends died. My friend. It makes me so sad whenever I think about it. Let’s move on..I had the freedom to spend more time with my family. There were a lot of solo rode trips up and down I-85. A virus wasn’t bout to stop me from seeing my loved ones.

2021: This is when things got a little bumpy. My unemployment benefits was a bit shaky. Bill collectors was on my ass. I was riding around on a suspended license for 8 months because my speeding ticket was sent to my old apartment. I was jobless for most of the year (I didn’t start back working until December). I wanted to make a career change but somehow ended up back in retail merchandising. It’s ok tho..I make more money, better benefit package, and only go into the office 2x a week. (Yaeeyaae). I continued working out, spent time in nature with my dog, and worked on my relationship with God. I even went on a girls trip to Jamaica! Yep, that’s right, God made a way for ya girl to pay for a lavish vacay.

2022: In January, I tested positive for Omicron chile. Well everyone was on their new year, new me moves I was nursing myself back to health. Now that I’m feeling better its time to go from surviving to thriving!! Keep up with the blog to see what I’m up to.

Whew! That was a lot. It got real real but I made it out on the other side feeling grateful, renewed , and recharged. Time flies when you’re having fun getting your mind, body, and spirit right.

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