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Underrated Perks of SINGLENESS

Getting frustated with being single? It's cool. I have my moments too. It's getting colder and darker by the day. The holidays are right upon us. And Corona is still outside!! Sometimes I have to laugh at the "God When" memes to keep from crying and shadow boxing Cuba Gooding in Boyz N The Hood. Like they say, there's always a little truth behind a joke right?

The imaginary shot clock of life can get the best of us. And being single and genuinely content is not always easy. I want to share my 5 UNDERRATED secrets for MAXimizing the quality of your single SOUL life.

  1. Reconnect With Yourself

  2. No More Drama

  3. To Freedom

  4. Play With Pleasure

  5. Purpose Driven Life

Being single is a blessing, NOT a curese. Tap into these 5 benefits to improve your level of happiness and contentment.

How would you rate your level on being single and satisfied?

What's your favorite thing about being single? Share your thought in the comments below!

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