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The Single Life

Consider yourself SINGLE until MARRIED! This has been my attitude since I first started dating in high school. I remember asking my mom relationship advice that involved two guys, she basically told me to date both of them and to never get rid of my "friends." Why? Because if one guy starts to act up, the other one is warming up waiting to get in the game. It made perfect sense..why should I pour all of my love, loyalty, and affection to one guy!? I didn't have a ring on my finger which meant I was a free agent. Did they give up their starting line up for me?? Hmm..probably not..

Multi dating gives you freedom to EXPERIENCE different types f men. And when I say experience I do not mean SEX. It's an opportunity to collect data, see what qualities you like or dislike. And let's be real, who doesn't want to be wined and dined by many men.

Dating around may come off as dishonest, sleazy, and straight up wrong, but who cares! It can be a lot of FUN. As long as you respect people's feelings and are truly looking for qualtities that will lead to a long term commitment

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