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Welcome to The Vanity Society

Hello ladies! Rumor has it that a new world has emerged. Well if that's the case, Welcome to The Vanity Society where women are reclaiming their divine feminine powers. This is a sacred space for us to discover healthy tools to better ourselves and to share our experiences.

A couple of things about me:

My name is Brigitte and I am the Creator, Founder, Designer, all of the above at The Vanity Society.

  1. I love being in or near a body of water (grew up near the beach).

  2. One Friday morning in October 2019, I was at my work desk eating a bagel with this intense pressure to create @livinginvainn (former insta handle). This is a creative outlet to share my journey and to uplift, empower, and inspire other women.

  3. I am the lucky muva to a sweet 4yo fur baby name Lola.

  4. I graduated from a HBCU.

  5. Before COVID, I worked in buying/merchandising for a travel retail company, then BOOM Corona hit (rejection is redirection).

  6. My healing journey started in November 2015 after I foolishly hooked up with my Ex. It lit the fire under my ass to get my ish together.

  7. Then two years I relocated to Atlanta, I went through a spiritual awakening (yes, I'm the girl that loves sage, crystals, & trap music lol).

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