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The 4 Seasons of A Woman's Cycle

As women, we're expected to be the same we're not the same every day. Idk about you, but girl I have my days. Some days I'm full of energy ready to get ish done, others I'm not (for instance, this past week I rested). Some days I want to hit the streets and be sociable, other days I want to hibernate in my apartment (me again, last week a total homebody).

My body was telling me it had EVERYTHING to do with my MOON CYCLE, so I went back down to The Yoniverse and discovered The Four Seasons of a Woman's Menstrual Cycle. Hold up, so you're telling me that we have an entire inner worls with seasons in our own body?! Yep, pretty much but I'm not all that surprised. We're connected to nature and the cosmos, as above so below right?

Here is a quick breakdown of the Four Seaons of the Menstrual Cycle:

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