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Self Love Challenge | Day 4

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

If you suffer from chronic RBF (Resting B*tch Face) then I already know that you hate when men tell you to "smile." I'm a former member of the RBF Club and the last stranger that told me to smile I was out alone at the corner store. I looked him directly in the eyes and smiled like a crazy woman! My eyes buldged out of my head, smile big as a clown. I wanted him to back off and he did.

It was a facial expression that I picked up from living in the hood. Once my lovely lady lumps started to develop iy helped ward off "predators" and cat calls from the boys hanging in the hallways of my apartment buliding. It was a non-violent defense mechanism that did more harm than good as I matued. Many women suffer from this small habit and are unaware of how they present themselves. They are quick to say "well this is how my face is naturally set" which may be ture, you can't use that as an excuse if you want to be more feminine. It is one of your greatest tools on thi journey.

RBF is a mash up between boredom and anger. Men will take your facial expression as unapprocable, mean, or stuck up. A lot of RBF ladies are far from any of those things, but the "face" tells a different story. In their mind, they have no chance with you with and might as well take that 'L'. They will decide to stay away from you to avoid being rejected and then find the next chick that seems more open. Smiling shows that you are happy, enjoy life, and it will make you appear more youthful. Also, it could help boost your mood on those off days.

The next time a man catches your attention remember you habe two options. You could mean mug and scare him off OR you could play into it by making eye contact, hold his glare for a couple of seconds, and then give him a small coy smile. If you want to get real flirty you could play with your hair just a small twirl around the finger while you smeyes (smiling with your eyes). This social cue will let him know that you are open to the interaction. It will give him permission to buy a drink, spark up a conversation, and ask for your number. Do not underestimate the power of smiling.

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