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Goddess Bath Recipe | Beauty Rituals

"I'm dying for a warm buttermilk bath. And a plate of macaroons'. - Prudence (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina).

That Queen type of energy!

On Fridays, I do beauty rituals and so should you! Pamper yourself to a Goddess Bath tomorrow night..

  1. Cleanse you bathroom with a sage stick or palo santos

  2. Add 6 drops of essential oils to the bath water (preferably rose oil or jasmine oil). 6 is the number of love and romance. ( Add honey or milk is optional)

  3. Add your bath salts and herbs of choice

  4. Add rose quartz crystals in the bath water or around the edge of the tub

  5. Light your candles or incense

  6. Soak for 15-45 minutes

  7. During your bath, visualize your high self, listen to your meditation playlist, and journal your intentions. Use the elements of thr bath to sweeten your body and to manifest you desires. Enjoy!

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