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Feminine Friday | Choose A Perfume

Perfume puts the final touch to your attire and apperance. The right perfume can boost your confidence, enhances mood, and make you more attractive. Your unique signature scent can tigger memories of you in others, which can be a very powerful advantage. Select a perfume that complients your personality and body chemistry.

How To Select The Perfect Perfume:

  1. Choose a price range - Perfume is a luxury item and prices of products can vary widely. Decide which price range is most comfortable with you.

  2. Choose a concentration - Perfumes have a different concentration levels (perfume or parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne) which depend on their lasting power. Choose a perfume concentration depending on how long you will need it to last.

  3. Test the perfume - Many retailers offer free sample vials to test perfume. These can be used to get an initial impression of the fragrance.

After you have tested several perfumes and gathered samples compare thm and narrow down your options until you make your final decision!

What's your favorite fragrance? I love Chance by Chanel.

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