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Black Women & Hypergamy

Black women are the FASTEST growing group of entrepreneurs and the MOST educated group in why are black women seen as Gold Diggers for simply wanting a partner that will imvest in her!? Why don't black men trust black women with money when BW are most likely to escape poverty than them. Hypergamy (the practice of marrying up to improve one's financial and/or social status) is nothing new, it's been around forever.

Women of other cultures are groomed for the hypergamous life; however black women get shamed for wanting the same exact thing. In our culture, black women are the cover model for the "Strong. Independent. Woman" campaign or the "I Don't Need A Man To Take Care Of Me" movement, which has been a tremendous disservice to our well being. Most women have a natural true feminine essence so it shouldn't be a surprise if they desire a man to lead, provide, and protect them and their legacy.

Obeserve the strong independent woman or single mother and ask yourself "is this the type of life I want for myself and children?" No shade, but is it working out for her or could she be in a better position if she were to date/marry a man with resources?

Black women please do not feel ashamed for wanting a better life. For wanting a man that's going to tap into his divine manhood. Just because you grew up watching the women in your family bend over backwards to get everything done or work 2+ jobs to keep a roof over y'all head doesn't mean YOU have to follow that path. Hypergamy is NOT only for non black women, we can learn how to embrace it too.

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