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Being Transparent | Why I Started My Journey...

Hello! My name is Brigitte and I confess that I made some pretty bad choices when it comes to men. As many of you know by now, I've hooked up an ex before (check the Untangling Soul-Tie Post). It was many moons ago, but it still happened. This is the first time that I'm actually being open and honest about that season in my life, especially on the gram of all places lol. Believe it or not, that Netflix and Chill moment lit the fire under my ass by forcing me to get my life together. I honestly believe God and my ancestors was tired of my reckless behavior.

Hop in girl, we're going back to 2015. Full time adulthood was still new to me. I was pushed out of the nest, hated leaving in my hometown, my corporate gig sucked, and then I outgrew a bestie. There were days I felt numb and lost. As a result, I did whatever I wanted to feel "something". That "something" was love, excitement, danger, anything to escape my deep rooted issues. Even though I was struggling in that season, it was setting me up for the future I desired.

I remember taking a mental day from work and just talked to myself and God out loud. Telling Him that I was never going to let that happen again. Deep down I knew that I deserved bettwe. Shorly after, I cut off sex. In 2016, I got the idea to go to school part time at a community college for small business management. I signed up fo a gym membership, went on more girl trips, and focused on loving myself.

When I look back on them days, I thank God everyday for where I am today. I'm not perfect, but I am progressing. I'm sharing this to let you know that you are NOT alone. I made some poor dating choices, had sex with an ex, and I didn't always know my worth. That 'L' is really a lesson so learn from it like I did.

Why did you start your journey? Feel free to share in the comments. I would love to know.

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