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Access to my energy is a privilege.

Since I can remember I've always been VERY selective of who I allow in my life. I'm not perfect. I had my fair share of frenemies and f*ckboys enter my space, but I whenever my spidey sense started to tingle I would pull my energy back and slowly fade out of the relationship until it didn't exist anymore.

The moment you wake up and realize the MOST important relationship you will ever have is one with YOURSELF you will no longer tolerate nonsense. You may start to shift your energy to a higer the people around you, set boundaries, and eliminate the folks who do not have your best intentions at heart. It is not an easy process. It will be a little painful at first, but you have to protect your energy and make room for new relationships.

You are not for everyone and everyone is not for you ao yes, access to your energy is a privilege.

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